Naturally derived cleaning agent SoyGuard

SoyGuard is made from soybeans, which are a highly safe food. The unsaturated fatty acids in SoyGuard are highly effective in cleaning. It does not contain any of the chemicals (surfactants, fluorescent agents, bleach, colorants, fragrances, stabilizers, pH adjusters) found in commercial detergents, yet it can be used just like a regular detergent.

Strong cleaning power

Brownian motion of soybean particles provides sufficient cleaning power without applying excessive force like synthetic detergents (*Brownian motion is an irregular motion caused by the collision of soybean particles and water particles, and this motion is used to enhance cleaning power).


High Safety

It is safe and secure because it does not use toxic surfactants. It has sufficient cleaning power as well as antibacterial, anti-mold, and deodorizing power.


Gentle on the skin

Since the main ingredient is soybean, there is no need to worry about rough hands. Its use provides nourishing and moisturizing effects on the skin.

Environmental Considerations

It is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent with low foaming and 99% biodegradation in the natural environment.

High cleaning power

By leaving the detergent on the table, residual pesticides can be decomposed along with dirt and sterilization can be done at once. Vegetables and fruits will be crispy and healthy, sweeter and tastier, and always fresh. It can also be used to sterilize fish. It can also be used to wash baby bottles, water bottles, etc.


For all kinds of washing

Ideal for those who suffer from rough hands and cooking wrinkles, as the skin improvement and skin beautifying functions are activated by direct washing. From grease stains on ventilation fans, sticky sebum stains on cookers, sticky stains on rice cookers, as well as vegetables, fruits, and baby bottles can be washed without anxiety (no foaming because it is not a synthetic detergent containing surfactants).

Cleaning agent using the power of soybeans


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