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​SMI Product:APOLLO24

Wearable Alarm

" Small, Light, Effective "

Non-invasive product

Detect even a small amount of liquid leakage. It's very easy to install Dry-Mate sensor inner in your own underwear.


          - Forever young, lively - 

APOLLO 24 instantly responds to small urine leaks that you can not notice and will tell you. There is no trouble to the surroundings.

              - Compassionate -

APOLLO 24 is suitable for patients who need needs home care. By promptly informing you for changing diapers, APOLLO24 will keep the skin clean while preventing skin irritation.

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              - Precious family -

Pet is a one of very important family now days. It takes years the same as humans, sometimes becoming sick or demented. However, unlike humans, words can not be emitted even if they are excreted. APOLLO 24 will inform you when your family
need care. 

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