Bedsore Care



Why does bed sores occur?

The cause of bed sores is persistent pressure from bedriding. Pressure does not allow blood to pass, tissue is dead and scratched is called bed sore.

Bedsores are classified into the following stages according to severity.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Undamaged skin, usually with non-burning redness localized to the bony outgrowth site.

There is no apparent disappearance of the dark areas, and the color may be different

from the surrounding skin.

Partial defect of the dermis, appearing as a shallow open ulcer, with red or pale red sore, without sluff (yellow, tan, gray or brown). It may appear as an unbroken or open / ruptured serum-filled blister.

Full-thickness tissue defect. Subcutaneous fat can be identified, but bones, tendons and muscles may not be exposed. Slough may be present, but it is not enough to lose the depth of the tissue defect. Pockets and fistulas may be present.

Full-thickness tissue defect with exposure to bones, tendons, and muscles. Yellow or black necrosis may be present at the base of the wound. Often accompanied by pockets and fistulas.

How to prevent and treat bedsore?

Body pressure dispersion (decompression)

In general, it is said that every two hours of three posture change for supine and sideways (left and right)is desirable.
Add posture for prone and sitting position is also desirable.

Below items are recommended use for Bedsore prevention.
Floor slip mats, mattresses, prevention cushions, air mat prevention equipment (prevention supplies), etc.

Topical therapy, skin care method

○ Keep the skin clean, apply moisturizing cream etc to keep it from being bulky, and keep the skin from drying out.

○ Daily whole body cleaning, bathing once or twice a week. After bathing, carefully disinfect around the wound and apply the ointment.

○ Control of incontinence using a catheter, highly absorbent diapers.

○ Sunbathe. 20 to 30 minutes from back to buttocks.

○ If itching, apply moisturizing lotion, cream, etc. 

Bedsore prevention air mattress

T04 Hummingbird


Product Detail

・ Air Mattress for Stage 2 patient

・ A-B Air cells operate alternately to prevent bedsores

・ High quality  PVC 、 TPU coated Nylon material 

・ 4 direction strech cover、Flame retardant, waterproof cover

・ With CPR for emergency air out

・ One year warranty