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The New Rhythm in sleep

improve your sleep, improve your life


wanna fix snoring?

Let Bongo handle it!

What is Bongo?

Bongo was created with the idea of ​​securing the airway during sleep by inserting a soft silicone material into the nose. My family's snoring is so noisy that I can't sleep ... I'm worried that my snoring may cause trouble to others ... Somehow I feel tired the next morning, I don't feel like I've slept well ... If you feel like it the Bongo is perfect for you!

You've probably tried various things to get rid of snoring. Is it a machine? Is it an ineffective sleep goods? Let's say goodbye to such a thing! Bongo does not cost any electricity. No need wearing a troublesome machine on your body. You don't even need a hose. Bongo will take care eliminating your snore at night! All you need to do is put the Bongo on your nose before going to bed!

When you put on the bongo, breathe as usual. When you exhale through your nose, you feel some difficulty in exhaling (this is the point). You don't have to force yourself to breathe through your nose from the beginning. When you fall asleep, you will naturally shift from mouth breathing to nasal breathing. If you feel uncomfortable breathing with the Bongo on your nose, start by getting used to it. Try wearing the Bongo while watching TV or reading during the day and gradually get used to it.

The air exhausted from the nose is exhausted from the special exhaust port of the bongo. Therefore, you may find it a little difficult to exhale, but this registance will open your airways. This patency state leads to measures against snoring.

In the United States, where Bongo was born, it is said to have a certain effect on airway narrowing, snoring due to obstruction, and mild to moderate obstructive apnea.

What is the cause of snoring in the first place?

If you are looking for a way to stop snoring, start by understanding the cause of the snoring.


Snoring has been a problem for many people for a long time. This is caused by the narrowing or obstruction of the upper airways during sleep. The upper respiratory tract narrows or becomes obstructed due to the depression of the tissue called the soft palate due to the skeleton of the face and aging. Obesity also causes stenosis and obesity. When air tries to pass through a narrow space, air resistance increases, and when you breathe, the mucous membrane vibrates and makes noise. This vibration sound is the so-called [snoring].


In addition, this [snoring] is the entrance to obstructive apnea. Various due to suffering from obstructive apnea There may be risks to the human body.

Various risks caused by breathing problems during sleep

People with symptoms such as "snoring violently" or "stopping breathing during sleep" become hypoxic due to apnea.


When hypoxic, the brain senses danger and wakes up to try to resume breathing. Due to the decrease in blood oxygen concentration due to the stop of breathing during sleep, it puts a heavy burden on the body. It increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, the heart and blood vessels. If this condition continues repeatedly, you will not be able to get enough sleep, so "strong drowsiness during the day", "malaise", and "heavy head when waking up" It causes "loss of concentration". It also slows recovery from fatigue, which affects the autonomic nerves.

Accident risk when driving a car

Risk of heart disease

Increased risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases

Annoying to the surroundings due to snoring

Decreased concentration and work efficiency


How Bongo secures the airway during sleep

Bongo is designed to open the airways with the power of exhalation. This patency state secures the next air passage. It is a mechanism that approaches snoring countermeasures by inserting a tube from the conventional mouth tape or highly invasive nose to throat and using a method completely different from the device that secures the airway. By securing the airway, loud vibration noise such as snoring is reduced.

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