About SMI

SMI utilizes its own network to make innovative products that are difficult to find on traditional routes and will introduce it to customers in Japan. Cooperated with domestic and overseas manufacturers, introduced through these we are delivering new products to customers across nation wide.



Name:  SMI LLC

Established:  October 27th 2020

Description of business:  Medical / health promotion product sales business


Marketing Supervisor General of Medical Device

​Registration number: No. 00633

Technical supervisor of Medical Device Manufacturer

Registration number: No. 05344


"One For All, All For One"

This word is the origin of SMI launch.

Find innovative medical products in Japan and abroad, so that you can live a comfortable life, Our mission is to improve your quality of life.

Currently, we import mainly nursing care products, rehabilitation related products etc

in the United States, Europe, Asia. We appreciate your continued support in the future.

SMI President

Masamichi Sato