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Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Made in Japan


What is Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is a synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients that, when combined with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, dramatically improves its sanitizing and cleaning performance. So-re is an ideal one-step sanitizing detergent with hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide anyway?

In the chemical formula, it is expressed as "H2O2. It is also used as a raw material for the disinfectant "Oxidol. When you were a child, have you ever applied oxydol to disinfect a wound when you were injured? When you put oxydol on a wound, bubbles appear.

The bubbles are oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide, the main component of Oxidol, gets inside bacteria and viruses and destroys their structures.

In the process, hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into water and oxygen, which produces bubbles (oxygen). Other than oxidol, this is an unfamiliar ingredient, but it is used in medical institutions.

The guidelines of the Japanese Society of Surgical Medicine (revised 2013) recommend 0.5% hydrogen peroxide for the operating room environment. Thus, hydrogen peroxide has proven to be an excellent disinfectant. Furthermore, some papers suggest that it is safer and more environmentally friendly for humans.

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